Who’s the Lone Wolf behind the pictures ?

I am Julien brebion, Mountains photographer

Himalaya specialist since 10 years

Native of France, i lived in Nepal 5 months per years during 8 years, My work focus on high mountains landscapes in Nepal, and portraits of ethnic groups living in the Himalayas. Fine art-prints of my work are available on thos website.

Award photographer by Canon in 2015 for my work in Nepal. 
I’m also photography teacher through Photo-Workshops / photo-tours in Himalayas (Nepal). where i lead people into Himalayas and high altitudes safely, due to my specific background (former physical trainer, martial art teacher, paramedic trained for high altitudes, and more 20 years experience of extremes fields and conditions
Definitly in relationship with the element ice, i work also a lot on this dangerous and majestic element to create texturised pictures and more onirics compositions. I try by the way to give a different overall worldview of this place, between reality, myth and world heritage.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any professional collaborations.