Haida M-10 Filter holder system

As Haida filter ambassador i had the chance to test the new holder kit system from haida : the M-10.

Haida is among the best rated brands producing filters in the world to my opinion and shared by many professionals photographers around the world. mainly due to the excellent price-quality evaluation. i was very enthousiast to try and test the new M-10 holder system. Since the announcemment i had big expectation about this product. Because i was dreaming since long time about the perfect system; compact, quick release, light weight and easy to use.
with this review you will get the answers to the most common questions photographers have before pourchase this Holder system.

What’s in this kit ?

The Haida M-10 filter holder kit includes :
– The adapter ring that should be mount on your lens. the brand provide for the main differents size of lens diameter on the market. for example 77mm ring for my Canon 24-70mm L Wide-Lens or 67mm for my 70-300mm L Télé-Lens.
– Drop in light Barrier or round Filter. that you can drop into the space between the holder and the adapter ring.
The filter can be ND, CPL, Clear night or GND. for myself i received a CPL and ND 3.0 (separately)
– The Holder Filter in wich where you can insert the square filters 3 filters emplacements precisely.

The M-10 holder is it easy to use ?

YES it’s easy as you never seen. Because it’s one of the main features showed during annoucement campain. in only 3 step you’re ready to shoot !
1 – Screw the ring adapter on your lens.
2 – Pull the red lever then insert the holder on the ring adapter.
3 – Insert the Drop in filter or the light barrier, just by pushing the red buttons on the upper part of the filter.

you are ready to photograph

About the performances of The M-10 holder ?

the M-10 holder is really easy to mount on your lens. that’s what i love the most with this product. iI had to test the M-10 in Himalayas, and this is a very hard field for landscape photographers. the wind, the dust and the cold come often to disturb you exposure time.
But the difference with this M-10 holder compared with old generation holder is really huge. everything is quick and easy on the field, whatever you have strong wind or not. it take litteraly less than 3sec to mount the holder (considering i keep the rings adapters always on all my lenses).​
The holder and the filter never dropped during the test then it was easy to capture my landscapes comfortably. when you insert the filter and hear the « clips » everything still compact and nothing move.
Another really important point for me is the weight.
honestly after a while i forgot i had the holder on my lens. The aluminum Aviation Grade is one of the best features for this kit, comparison with old generation holder in full metal is useless. The M-10 is the lighter so far.

About the performances of The M-10 Drop-In filters ?

The performance of the Drop-in filters are excellents.
i use the CPL and the ND 3.0 (10 stops) and the effect on the water is great as Haida’s square filters. it’s a really good feature to just insert the CPL or ND3.0, in addition with others square filters on the holder. the possibilities are just huges, and the limit still your creativity.
So both Drop-in filters create good silk effect on moving water. Perfect to create contrast between ice and water.
the color cast is not a problem the filters keep realistic colors and there is no differences between the picture with the filters or without.
the pictures on the below are just a bit edited, taken during blue hour in the Gangapurna Glacier (Annapurnas range, Nepal). the purpose is to show the effect of filters on water.


Since many years i was dreaming about the perfect filters holder system. Compact lightweight, easy to use and easy to release from my lens. When Haida filter start to showed some picture of this M-10 holder, i was really excited because it is exactly what i was dreaming for during my expeditions on the field.
Up there the conditions are really extreme for photo gear and it’s the best field test for me. So stay tune for that and follow my adventures and preparation for it on Instagram.

​i will update this review as soon as possible with new and better images taken by this M-10 kit (before/after etc.) the M-10 kit is launched since 1st junuary 2019, if you looking for online store to purchase this kit feel free to contact me. I will give you the best store where you can buy this brand new holder M-10 by Haida.