ND NanoPro Series

The NanoPro Series (Nano Coating)

Nano Coating is a simple technology to explain but that makes all the difference, especially for a mountain photographer like me. It is a single, and extremely thin, protective layer (nanometer) that covers the front and back of the filter. And by the way protects it from projections of sands, dust, water, snow and potential scratches on the ground. So a technology that make completely forget the old series. Now I swear only by the NanoPro Filters. Personally I mainly use a plate 100×150 GND 0.9 (3 stops) and a plate 100×100 ND 3.0 (10 stops) this one is very useful during the day for the exposures of more than 30 seconds. For the Haida optical plates transportation, they propose directly a truly effective and protective system. Each filter is provided in its metal transport box, where the others brands remained on leather pouches that we would trust much less confidence… for me it’s a perfect match, considering the risky trip and expedition I do in Himalayas every year. I know my gear safe by the way and i never think about it during my transport, climbs, trek etc.​

Filter Holder system

For mounting the filters on my lenses i still use the old 100Series holder (today replaced by new M-10 series ) Entirely metallic for up to 3 plates (perfect for specifics compositions). It’s a strong holder and very light considering the built materials. I’d Cary it through all Himalayas since 2 years and it look like the day of the unboxing. All my lenses are equipped by polarised filter and Haida adaptation rings permanently. By the way I just have to clip in and clip out the holder when I want to change lense or filter. It’s a big gain of time on the field. And the time factor is important in mountains landscape. It make the difference between a good picture and a missed one. The holder is also turning around the ring so by the way it’s easy to place rightly the Gradual filter for your compositions.

I agree the system still hold now for Haida and the production for this one is off. so i looking for the M10 series who propose more versatility with the use of polarised filter clip into the system and plates filters. But it’s another story in another Review. To conclude the holder system is compact, strong built-in and easy to use. For me it’s simply perfect.

About the optical quality of the filters i am personally very satisfied. Colorimetry is well preserved where others brands filters have a tendency to cool the image or to really tend towards blue. The Haida NanoPro filters kept the colors very well even though sometimes we can notice a very light warm trend. But I did not see this trend as recurring, so it depends for me to the conditions of the shooting. And in any case it remains totally anecdotal because it does not present anything that can not be corrected in post process in a few seconds. Here is a test without and with the filter 100×100 ND 3.0 (10 stops) on a river during evening.

Here the bluish aspect is entirely due to the blue hour the sun being already lying down. The focus being made on the rock in the foreground, we can see that the sharpness is perfectly preserved during the long exposure on my tripod (40 seconds) the return of the yarn on the water is really more than satisfactory, very soft and diffuse. In short, what we are entitled to expect from this type of pro filter.

The following pictures are made with my filter 100×150 GND 0. stops gradual).
On shooting with symmetries or pronounced perspectives the use of GND turns out to me very convenient. Allowing to separate the image and easily manage often very different exposures within the same composition. Again, the Haida GND are doing the job. Keeping sharpness of the image brilliantly.

​My Verdict

Considering my specific speciality and the fact I need to climb and trek of road in Himalayas to reach great spot of shooting. The built-in quality of Haida filters and filters-holders is an important point. The gear is really strong and armed for scratches accident (recurrent in my job). And for the core of the subject, the optical quality is for me the than others brands highly rated on the market know, like Nisi. But for a lower pricing. So for me if you need ND & GND filters plates and a great holder system. Haida is THE brand for that, for all the reasons I noticed before. For me they deserve their own slogan « believe we can » Yes, they definitely can !

Stay sharp and have a nice shot.